The inspiration for the branding, and subsequent website & sales page creations, for Nicole Jardim, Certified Women's Health and Functional Nutrition Coach, was the simple dandelion, because so much of a woman's fertility and health feels like a wish.  These wishes are different for every woman and I wanted to create a visual contrast, using the traditional gender colors of navy and pink, to form the foundation of what was to be an essentially feminine, truly pretty, luxurious yet comforting online space.

Harmony Starr, Dream Alchemist, needed custom, evocative imagery to represent her larger-than-life business consulting.  I worked with a photographer and videographer to create one-of-a-kind underwater color explosions to form the foundation of her brand.  Brilliant hues combine with multidimensional portals, gateways and passages in the symbol to elicit a dramatic sense of the spiritual nature of true success.

High-Performance Coach Hafizah Ismail wanted an elegant, upscale suite of collateral to promote her program, Master Your Days.  After creating her branding in a palette of turquoise, purples, and navy, I wanted to make this specific program unique from the parent brand so I chose crimson and gold accented with luxurious photography.  Starting with the ebook design itself, which is also available as an interactive flipbook, I then created social media assets and marketing pieces.

After creating the brand and website for the delectable Lemon Squeezy, working with Anna and our amazing food photographer/chef, Gavin McMichael of Delicious Stock, has become second nature.  The 6-Week Vegetarian Plan is the fourth ebook creation for the Lemon Squeezy brand and is dedicated to the vegetarian options from this gourmet-made-accessible purveyor of healthy Mediterranean meal plans.

The gorgeous Hilary Silver came to me looking for an elegant upgrade to both her brand and website.  With a mix of citrus, gold metallic and velvety wine hues, the inspiration for her dramatic pattern actually came from the mural on her living room wall (seen prominently in her fantastic photo shoot).  Her bold message of love, connection, and living hot, healthy, and happily-ever-after needed a striking palette and pattern.